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How Your Students Can Make Animated Movies (really! it’s easy!)

Written by 23 February 2011

Did you know there's a free webtool out there that just may turn your students into cartoon artists?  Read on to learn more about this lesser known webtool....

Welcome to another episode of SimpleK12's 2 Minute EdTech Talk, where educators integrate technology - in just two minutes! The goal? To share, to collaborate, and most of all – to help and encourage teachers to try new forms of technology in their own classrooms.

Last time, Abbe Waldron talked about all the different ways her school uses wikis.

This episode of 2 Minute EdTech Talk is with Lisa Parisi, a 5th grade teacher and blogger in Long Island, New York.

Watch below to hear about how her students use Kerpoof.

Thank you for sharing, Lisa! 

Get in touch with Lisa through:

I encourage you to check out Kerpoof - the site has multiple creation tools, each marked by appropriate grade level.  When I was looking at the site I noticed they have some free lesson plans available. Kerpoof also strives to support a site that is safe for children, so they have a pretty strict site etiquette.

Have you ever used Kerpoof, or a tool like it, with your students?

- Kimberly

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How Your Students Can Make Animated Movies (really! it’s easy!)

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