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[Written by | 24 Jun 2015]

Google is so much more than your favorite search engine – it’s a way to inspire creativity in your students, increase student productivity and collaboration, and spend less time on menial classroom tasks.
Join us for a free online event and discover how to use photos, video calls, and emoji to invigorate your classroom. Our experienced presenters will share their favorite tips & tricks to help you become a Google Hangouts expert in no time!

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Google Hangouts to connect and communicate, …

[Written by | 20 Jun 2015]

Ready to discover some innovative ways to increase your students’ digital literacy?
At this free online event, our experienced educators will explain how digital literacy can contribute to students’ success in school and in future careers. They will also share how to use a variety of digital tools in the classroom, incorporate social media into learning, and how to develop your students’ internet search literacy.

You’ll learn…

How to prepare students to be globally competent, responsible digital citizens
Unique integration strategies to bring Digital Literacy into …

[Written by | 14 Jun 2015]

Are you ready to discover how mobile devices can change your life and your classroom? At this free online event, our iPad experts share their stories…real stories from real teachers! The best part? It’s absolutely free!
You’ll learn how to…

Empower your students and encourage leadership.
Improve math, science, & literacy skills.
Encourage positive behavior in the classroom.
Increase your productivity and save you time.
And more!

Click here for more information, and free event registration.

[Written by | 8 Jun 2015]

Are you interested in creating engaging student projects using Google tools, but you’re not sure where to start? Join us at our upcoming free online event as our renowned experts share their favorite tips and tricks for integrating Google into your classroom.

You’ll learn…

Ways to Use Google Drive to take student collaboration and projects to a new level.
How to use Google Chrome apps and extensions to engage students in learning.
Tips for differentiating instruction with Google Drive.