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[Written by | 28 Aug 2014]

Howdy SimpleK12ers:
We took some of your comments to heart and did some spiffing up over at BestTeacherQuotes.com
Easier to download and print now.
Stop by and have a look.
Thanks for any ongoing feedback.
PS We’ll be adding lots of mini-posters over the next few weeks, so sign up on the list to get them when they come out.

[Written by | 27 Aug 2014]

Hello everyone and a great welcome to:
This site is the home of our podcast, where we answer questions that YOU pose… educational technology, teacher professional development, and all things school and classroom.
If we don’t know the answer, we’ll go to one of our hundreds of contacts (teachers and school administrators in the field) who do.
So, check out ASKsimplek12.com it and bring your tech, classroom, and school questions.  (And, yes, there are bunny slippers in it for you if we select your question.)
We promise.

[Written by | 27 Aug 2014]

Increasing homework completion and engaging today’s digital students can be challenging. If you want to improve information retention and increase student achievement, all while teaching your students important 21st Century skills, you’ve found the perfect Premium Resource.
SimpleK12 is thrilled to present to you this FREE printable project and we hope it will bring new life to your classroom.
Empower Your Peers with a Calculator Wiki

In this FREE Premium Resource lesson plan, students will work in a group to create and edit a class wiki that will include information on how …

[Written by | 21 Aug 2014]


Just got (or thinking about…) your iPad or other tablet and wondering
what to do next?

Join me a few minutes a day, for six days, and I’ll show you how to
get the most out of this amazing classroom tool. (All this at a time
and place of your choosing — even at home in your pj’s — with my
short video series.)
Click here to sign up for my iPad Video Series.

I’ll give you six free (oh, easy, fun, and worthwhile too) very short
videos over six days.

You’ll receive no-charge, no-strings goodies, including:
• Over …

[Written by | 20 Aug 2014]

Google is so much more than your favorite search engine – it’s a way to inspire creativity in your students, increase student productivity and collaboration, and spend less time on menial classroom tasks. Join us for a free online event featuring many of the hidden tools and resources that Google has to offer. Our experienced presenters will share their favorite tips & tricks to help you become a Google Expert in no time!
You’ll Learn How to…

Increase productivity and collaboration in the classroom
Simplify …