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[Written by | 4 Aug 2015]

Have you ever considered trying to sell your lesson plans online?
Explore how easy it is to take the resources that you already have as a teacher and use them to earn extra income on the side. There are several websites that allow teachers to upload and sell their lesson plans to other educators looking for new ideas.
Join Lori Maldonado as she shares how she turned lesson plans she already had into a supplemental source of income, including the benefits of selling lessons online, tips and tricks for new sellers, and …

[Written by | 3 Aug 2015]

Sister Pooh is a guidance counselor at the Hamilton County Department of Education and she is back in her office giving tips on respect for this school year. She is sweet, but tough. Check her out. 

So, starting off it’s ok to hold back from jokes and smiles; until at least November, then you can “be nice”. You must instill the fear! Follow these two techniques and you will make your little people into true believers.

Step 1: Start with the stink eye. You can do it with one eye or two eyes. …

[Written by | 31 Jul 2015]

We hate EVERYTHING about the misrepresentation of teachers. A disturbing video was released by Buzzfeed that our team at Simplek12 was overwhelmingly disgusted by. Take a look:  

So this week, we are asking you the questions! We want to join together and share a response with the real voice of our awesome teachers. Record your response below. 
Question: What would you say to these teachers?

[Written by | 28 Jul 2015]

Google is so much more than your favorite search engine – it’s a way to inspire creativity in your students, increase student productivity and collaboration, and spend less time on menial classroom tasks.
Join us for a free online event featuring many of the hidden tools and resources that Google has to offer. Our experienced presenters will share their favorite tips & tricks to help you become a Google Expert in no time!

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Google tools to connect and communicate, check out …

[Written by | 24 Jul 2015]

Join us as we bring you not one, but TWO Microsoft events in one day!
Microsoft experts Robyn Hrivnatz and Jennifer Mitchell are here to reveal 10 FREE Microsoft Tools that will breathe life back into your classroom as well as tips and tricks for maximizing your use of Microsoft Office mobile apps on any device!
You’ll learn…

How increase productivity and student engagement with free Microsoft Tools
Ways to empower learners by leveraging the devices they have and using the tools we all love