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[Written by | 21 Jul 2014]

Are you ready to discover new and exciting ways to utilize iPads in your K-12 classroom? At this free online event, our iPad experts share their favorite apps, web resources, and educational tools for you and your students. Explore innovative ways to manage your classroom, excite your students, and increase academic achievement at this fun-filled online event. The best part? It’s absolutely free!

You’ll receive…

Information on the best apps for classroom management and organization
Tips and tricks for supporting struggling readers with an iPad

[Written by | 15 Jul 2014]

Using iPads allows students to create, think critically, and problem solve. These devices give students the power to take learning into their own hands and participate in activities that require higher thinking skills.
SimpleK12 is here to help, with a FREE premium video resource. This on-demand webinar is usually exclusive for Full Access Community Members, but I’m giving you free access today.
Let’s Partner Up! Pair Work Activities with the iPad
 However, learning theorists have also recited the benefits of learning with peers. This webinar will discuss a variety of activities where students in …

[Written by | 13 Jul 2014]

Ready to start improving your students’ writing and reading skills with Digital Storytelling? At this free online event, our experienced presenters will share the best apps, web tools, and implementation strategies to bring Digital Storytelling into your classroom. You’ll learn easy tips and tricks that you can start implementing immediately – no matter what grade level you teach!

You’ll receive…

Easy-to-follow tutorials from experienced educators
Unique integration strategies to bring Digital Storytelling into your classroom
Information on the best Digital Storytelling apps …

[Written by | 7 Jul 2014]

Think about which political party a philosopher might belong to. What would each one think of American politics today? What would each person say is his belief or opinion on current events? With this FREE premium resource you’ll be able to interact with students and express their opinions through comic strips!
SimpleK12 is thrilled to present to you this FREE printable project and we hope it will bring new life to your classroom.
Create an Enlightenment Comic Strip

In this FREE Premium Resource lesson plan, students will create a …

[Written by | 6 Jul 2014]

Ready to start using Google’s free apps tools in your classroom? This free online Google event features many of the convenient, online tools that Google has to offer. Our experts will share step-by-step instructions, implementation strategies, and favorite resources to help you become a Google Expert in no time!

You’ll Learn How to…

Save time grading quizzes and collecting data with Google Forms
Utilize the little-known functions of Google Search
Improve Your Classroom with Google’s free apps and tools

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